3 high-impact ways technology helps attract and retain quality teachers

“Attract, hire, manage and develop educators so that “the first thing they think about is the kids”

To fulfill their role in advancing student achievement, K-12 talent management teams must effectively attract, identify, support and develop teachers from the time they apply, until they complete exit interviews.

Here are three ways technology can support that goal.

1. Recruiting

Whether your challenge is too many candidates or too few, teacher-focused online job boards, data-based assessment tools and K-12 talent management software can help you more quickly attract and identify high-quality talent. These tools also streamline internal processes to empower faster decision-making, which can mean the difference between securing your top picks and losing them to other districts. “If it takes you more than 30 days to make an offer to a candidate, the odds of them rejecting that offer go up by 66 percent,” said PeopleAdmin Chief Research Officer Nick Montgomery.

2. Onboarding

Records management solutions allow new hires to complete employment documentation before arriving on day one, so schools can focus on strategic onboarding activities that build relationships with new hires and prepare them to perform their roles.

“In the context of the onboarding process, I can have all of the policy manuals reviewed, I can have all of the I-9 documentation taken care of. I can do all of that within an hour of hiring,” said Gabriel Park, CFO at Equality Charter School in New York City. “That’s something that I think really frees us up and moves the marker on student achievement because that means that the first day that they come on site, the first thing they think about is the kids.”

3. Professional development

Professional development can be an important tool in helping school districts improve educator effectiveness and retain their top teachers — particularly when professional development activities are individualized to each teacher’s needs.

“Look at teacher supervision and evaluation as the means to improve teaching and learning, not only as a compliance issue,” said Lisa Andrejko, Ed.D., regional strategic advisor at PeopleAdmin and former teacher, principal, director of technology, and superintendent. “Technology now provides us with student data and teacher data, which allows us to be evaluative and self-reflective during professional development planning.”


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