5 resources to help you onboard new hires more effectively

Looking for ways to improve your onboarding process, increase employee retention and encourage engagement? Then check out these resources:

Smartphone apps are changing the software industry — and TalentEd is helping lead the way

When you download a new app, do you struggle to learn how to use it or do you intuitively know how it works? Can you say the same when your school or district purchases a new software solution?

  • No More Paper

FCS trashed paper-based onboarding. Hear their story.

Listen to Mike Zalewski, director of human resources at Franklin County Schools, explain how his district used automated technology to increase efficiency, visibility and new hire satisfaction during the onboarding process.

  • Substitute Teachers

Effective substitute onboarding ensures students don’t miss a day of learning

Filling teacher vacancies with quality substitutes is key to advancing student achievement, but ensuring those substitutes are prepared to effectively lead their classrooms is a process that begins well before those vacancies arise.

  • Performance Management

[Video] Strategic onboarding 101

Melva Cárdenas, a PeopleAdmin strategic education advisor, shares how strategic onboarding processes that include cross-departmental collaboration and role-specific training help improve employee readiness, engagement and retention.

  • Teaching

3 high-impact ways technology helps attract and retain quality teachers

To fulfill their role in advancing student achievement, K-12 talent management teams must effectively attract, identify, support and develop teachers from the time they apply, until they complete exit interviews. Here are three ways technology can support that goal.

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