A Time for Honoring What Makes Education Great

October is National Principals Month. Earlier this week we celebrated World Teachers Day.

Together, we set aside such time to honor and support our teachers and education leaders because we understand these are the individuals who can make a difference in the lives of young students. We also recognize how significant their efforts are on the future of our country and of all human kind.

“To solve the challenges of tomorrow, we must nurture the young minds of today,” wrote Kermit Randa, CEO of PeopleAdmin, in The Huffington Post this week. In the blog titled, Teachers and Technology — Something to Celebrate Every Day, Randa goes on to say, “It’s important for all of us to help further advance our educational mission to prepare students for a changing world ahead.”

It’s a vital mission, of course, made even more so through changing times and the mounting challenges confronting us today — from fighting poverty, disease and climate change to creating good jobs.

For the past 15 years, PeopleAdmin has found a way to join this mission and provide talent management software and tools that can help educational institutions enhance the quality and accessibility of a good education.

“The key is bringing teachers and technology into alignment,” Randa said. “We need to empower the former by harnessing the later. Technology and human talent must work together if we are to meet the goal of preparing the world’s children for the challenges that lie ahead.”

It’s never just about the technology, of course. It’s always about what the technology makes possible. It’s about the connections it creates, the speed it enables, the inspiration it fosters, and the doors it can open wide onto a better future.

And that’s where teachers and principals come in. Technology means nothing without the right expertise, and passion, behind it.

At PeopleAdmin, our mission to support schools with the technology they need to align the right people with the right jobs is both our passion and our expertise. It’s something we think about every day.

When schools recruit, hire and develop top teachers and staff — and use technology to support them — we open new worlds and a better future … for both students and the rest of us.

Look behind every brilliant student and you’ll see a star teacher, supported by an extraordinary principal. Take the time to recognize the teachers and principals in your community. Take time to thank them.

Not just this month, but every month.

Visit www.principalsmonth.org for celebration ideas and to read about activities happening in schools and communities across the nation.

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