TalentEd Assessment

Assessment allows educators to author and administer student assessments while monitoring classroom instruction effectiveness and student comprehension.

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TalentEd Assessment
Student Assessment
Educators spend endless energy on improving instruction. We believe the student assessment process deserves equal attention.

When you can design assessments that are adapted to your specific rubrics and frameworks, your assessments become more authentic and accurate in revealing student learning. With TalentEd Assessment, gauging student achievement is simple and straightforward, and connecting assessment with third-party tools and platforms is seamless.

Our Assessment solution energizes learning because educators can deliver assessments the way they deem best, whether online, paper-based, or using answer key only assessments. Guiding instruction becomes easier with automated scoring of daily exit tickets, progress monitoring, quizzes, unit assessments or district benchmark assessments.

When assessment is an organic part of the learning environment, students don’t see assessment as an event; it is simply a daily activity.

Assessment by the numbers

Last year, educators across the country used our solutions to streamline their assessment process,
making assessment easier for them and more authentic for their students. 

Total student assessments administered
Student assessment scan sheets processed
Student assessment items created


  • Item Creation

  • Enhanced Items

  • Blueprinting

  • Assessment Delivery

  • Scanning

  • Third-Party Items

  • Collaboration

Powerful data.

“We could not have done this without TalentEd. The system allowed us to pull up all that data in one location and ask the questions we needed to ask. It was a very powerful use of the system.”

Mike Dzwonar
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Assessment
East Windsor Regional Schools

Reflects our needs.

“Assessment is the most dynamic platform we could possibly use because it reflects the needs of our state and our school system. And that’s the power of TalentEd.”

Regina Hurley Greely
Director of Learning Management
St. Mary’s County Public Schools


Analytics drive student performance

With a holistic student view, you can easily compile and use data — such as — state assessments, national assessments, and local measures, including academic and behavioral indicators — from multiple disparate systems to provide real-time insights that guide action.

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