TalentEd ESSA

Turn data into actionable insights Everyone has access to data. With the TalentEd solution suite, [...]

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Get Ready to Take an Adventure

Learn how to spice up your Professional Development with Badging by Performance Matters. Educators always try to make learning fun for students, why should educator growth be any different?

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Connecting your data

If your educators aren’t getting a complete view of the data that reflects and influences student achievement, then it’s time to improve the picture. Performance Matters leverages the data and analytics from a unified PD platform and student assessment solution to create deeper connections and improve student achievement.

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2018 TalentIndex

Reserve your free copy of the K-12 TalentIndex K-12 talent management trends revealed Hundreds of K-12 talent [...]

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ATS for less

Avoid out-of-control ATS pricing Thousands of districts qualify to lock in a promotional ATS price — and implement when [...]

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