Looking to the future of education … through data

You may have noticed…

As schools and districts work to advance student learning, an emphasis on data and research is taking hold.

As we know, education ultimately comes down to a student, a teacher, and the staff supporting them. It makes sense that paying attention to data around the hiring, development and management of that instructional team — even its skill level, proficiency and aptitude — can help improve student achievement.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce to The TalentIndex: A Comprehensive Report of K-12 Benchmarks.

The report compiles dozens of talent management data points on K-12 education growth, trends and challenges through surveys of K-12 education professionals. You can download the TalentIndex at here.

You can begin using this report by benchmarking your school’s own data against the findings presented in the TalentIndex. Then, use it to help facilitate strategic conversations with others at your school about strategies that can help advance your goals and mission.

As we head into the holiday season, PeopleAdmin is thankful for an opportunity to be able to make this data available to you, and to help make a difference in the lives of educators — and their students — all across our country.

We will continue to deliver the solutions, expertise and data that can not only improve education, but also build a brighter future.

Now available: K-12 TalentIndex

Get the one report that can help shape the future of your talent management

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PeopleAdmin’s TalentIndex: A Comprehensive Report of K-12 Education Benchmarks, helps schools and districts focus on student success by revealing the latest talent management trends and challenges.

The report compiles survey results from nearly 300 K-12 professionals with data from PeopleAdmin’s solutions — used by more than 4,000 K-12 institutions. It includes insights into institutional growth, performance benchmarks, industry trends, challenges and opportunities to improve efficiency.

“It’s nice to have some information that’s comparative as we look to technology to become more efficient,” said Renee Hyde, Ed.D., assistant superintendent of human resources at Papillion La Vista School District in Nebraska. “TalentIndex data offers unique and useful information to help us make decisions moving forward.”

The TalentIndex can help you:

  • Develop more effective talent management processes.
  • Understand and address specific challenges — including budget constrictions, teacher shortages and student achievement.
  • Benchmark your school or district’s performance against others.
  • Prepare for conversations with your institution’s leaders around recruitment, onboarding, records management, professional development, and more.
  • Demonstrate the strategic value of talent management.

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Customer Spotlight: 3 districts focus on teacher evaluations to boost student learning

‘We want our teachers to be able to do the best they can each and every day’

Schools and districts are redefining their teacher evaluation processes to go beyond required reporting and more sharply focus on improving classroom instruction to advance student achievement.

“That’s what it’s all about,” said Jeremy Tabor, SPHR, director of human resources at Burlington Community School District (BCSD) in Iowa. “We want our teachers to be able to do the best they can each and every day — and we want to give them the information, the tools and the resources to do that.”

Using Perform — a performance evaluation solution that automates the technical aspects of employee evaluations — school and district leaders can focus on providing meaningful feedback during evaluations, rather than using valuable time to figure out where and how to input evaluation data.

That was a key factor in Prosper Independent School District’s (ISD) decision to switch to Perform.

“Our principals spent hours needlessly working with our system, instead of communicating with teachers,” said Bernadette Gerace, director of human resources at the district. “I was looking for a new solution that would allow our principals and teachers to really establish a connection.”

Where other solutions introduce additional complexity into performance evaluations, Perform’s intuitive, user-friendly features actually reduce the burden of the traditionally paper-heavy process.

“Even my secretary, who does not have an HR background and had never done anything with HR or HRIS before, has been able to pick up everything fairly quickly,” Jeremy said. “If I can get her in the system and understanding it, I have no doubt that I’m going to be able to do the same thing with the rest of my staff as I roll it out with them. That gives me peace of mind — knowing that I made a good decision.”

Perform also empowers schools and districts to stay compliant with state and federal regulations, which was a major concern for Fort Zumwalt School District in O’Fallen, Missouri.

“We picked up Perform when we moved to our new evaluation system: the Missouri State model,” said Jackie Floyd, Ed.D., assistant superintendent at the district. “We looked at some different solutions, but Perform was the clear choice.”

As one of the districts tasked with implementing the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (TTESS) during the 2015-2016 school year, Prosper ISD’s leaders also needed a proven solution that could meet their state’s unique teacher evaluation criteria.

“The required student growth measures are going to integrate so much more easily, so we’ll not only be able to look at what the growth measure is, but how the students are growing. We can look at it and analyze it, connecting it to so many sets of TTESS measures,” Bernadette said. “But being able to customize the analytics and reporting is, for me — and for principals, I think — more important than anything.”

Leaders at Fort Zumwalt also appreciate the customization options.

“We needed to be able to do some tweaking, and Perform let us do that — which we really liked,” Jackie said. “It had the state model’s form already in there, and I was able to use those and change it up to build my own forms to fit our district’s specific needs.”

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Enhanced integration between Recruit & Hire and EPI

Easily identify quality teacher candidates from the Application Manager

The Educators Professional Inventory (EPI)®, a revolutionary hiring tool developed in conjunction with some of the most respected names in education research and assessment, helps school leaders:

  • Identify the best teacher candidates from an applicant pool.
  • Streamline hiring process through strategic sorting and ranking.
  • Set up principals for success.
  • Measurably increase student growth and school performance.

Thanks to enhanced integrations, users can take advantage of this research-based platform and identify the impact of teacher candidates on student achievement with analytical precision in Recruit & Hire.

The following data will be available in the Application Manager:

  1. Score: Make the most of your time by prioritizing your screening and interviewing efforts based on color-coded EPI scores that identify which candidates are most likely to succeed in the classroom.
  2. Domain scores: View domain scores in three crucial areas — teaching skills, cognitive ability, and attitudinal factors — to identify which teacher candidates are best equipped to succeed in their specific position.
  3. Professional Development Profile: Target interview and induction methods based on each candidate’s Professional Development Profile (PDP) — a customized 18-page guide that provides specific, actionable steps to help candidates advance their teaching skills.
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Together, changing education for the better

‘We will continue to deliver the best talent management solutions that help build better organizations, better students, and, ultimately, a better future’

As you might know, PeopleAdmin has grown. And along with it, our ability to serve you better.

By combining the data and knowledge from a diverse array of education experts and institutions, we can develop innovative solutions that lead to improved student outcomes.

In the last two years, PeopleAdmin has joined with leading organizations — Netchemia, SearchSoft and, most recently, TeacherMatch — in an effort to strengthen partnerships with schools and districts and offer comprehensive solutions that meet the complete needs of the K-12 talent management life cycle.

“The acquisitions are a natural progression of PeopleAdmin’s strategic growth plan, which enables us to continue achieving our goal of bringing unified solutions and best-in-class service to an evolving marketplace,” said PeopleAdmin CEO Kermit Randa.

The unified solutions all help schools boost operational efficiency, minimize risk, and organize the talent life cycle so talent management teams can focus on what they do best — hiring and developing the highest quality teachers and staff in the most efficient manner possible.

“These are extraordinary times for education,” said PeopleAdmin President Ron Huberman. “And we’re fortunate to be able to play a leading role in helping educational organizations leverage their talent and advance their human capital practices. I’m excited about the journey ahead and how we will be able to help schools and districts in the future.”

If you would like more information on how PeopleAdmin can help you achieve your team’s goals and your school’s mission, contact us today.

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Introducing PeopleAdmin’s K-12 talent management podcast series

In the first edition, Mark Frost, Ed.D., regional strategic advisor at PeopleAdmin and former superintendent of HR at Park Hill School District in Greater Kansas City, offers an explanation of the upcoming changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), as well as tips to help you prepare.

“There needs to be communication with employees,” Mark said, adding that employees are more likely to be confused about the reason behind reclassification than they are to be upset about the reclassification itself.

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In the second edition, Melva Cárdenas, regional strategic advisor at PeopleAdmin and former school district HR executive director, principal and teacher, explains how to develop an onboarding program that increases employee engagement and retention.

“There was a time when onboarding was basically orientation. You brought new hires in, you sat them down, they filled out a bunch of paperwork, and they were done. They went off to their employment process,” Melva said. “But onboarding is so much more than that.

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The latest edition covers school branding, with Steve Lorenz, regional strategic advisor at PeopleAdmin and former head of school, principal and teacher in Vermont. He explains how a school brand affects recruitment and retention, and how you can effectively brand your school.

“With so much competition these days for teachers and educational leaders, effective branding gives your school identity and establishes an external positive impression or perception and internally establishes a level of pride and ownership for the school community that will be attractive for prospective employees,” Steve said.

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Celebrating American Education Week

‘Individually and as a society, we owe so much to our educators’

American Education Week — Nov. 14-18 — presents an opportunity to step back and honor those who work to ensure every child receives a quality education.

“Individually and as a society, we owe so much to our educators,” said PeopleAdmin CEO Kermit S. Randa. “They inspire us to be our best, they set us on the road to greater achievement, and they play an integral role in shaping the future for our youth.”

To honor and celebrate our nation’s educators throughout the year — and to inspire young people considering a career in education — PeopleAdmin created the Inspired2Educate recognition program. The program calls for current educators to share stories of a K-20 teacher, administrator or school staff member who inspired them to pursue education as their life’s work.

Recently, teacher Marjorie Masse told her story about her inspiration, Mrs. Smith, her second-grade gym instructor.

“It’s taken a lot of Mrs. Smiths in my life to help me realize that I was a good thinker. But it started back there in the gym,” said Marjorie, math interventionist at Norman E. Day School in Westford, Massachusetts, and recent Inspired2Educate award recipient. “It started with her recognizing me and showing me that I was valued. In my classroom, I can only work with a child on their math skills if they trust me, if they know that I value them, if they know that they’re a valued member of this school community.”

Join K-20 faculty, staff, and administrators from across the country in promoting positive dialogue about the transformative power of education by sharing your story. Each month, PeopleAdmin selects a submission and awards the author with a $1,000 scholarship for professional development and $1,000 for his or her educational institution.

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Introducing the Ambassador Program — and 3 reasons you should join

Each of our customers has an amazing story to tell … and we want to hear yours.

Through our new Ambassador Program, you can share your knowledge and experience, while showcasing your school or district’s success by:

  • Taking part in a case study or Customer Spotlight interview
  • Hosting a User Group meeting
  • Leading or co-presenting a thought leadership webinar
  • Speaking as a PeopleAdmin reference
  • Providing a quote for publication
  • Sharing your story in a video testimonial
  • Participating in blogs and social media posts
  • Speaking at industry and PeopleAdmin events

Even before officially creating our Ambassador Program, PeopleAdmin gave our customers the opportunity to take part in these activities. Gabriel Park, CFO at Equality Charter School in the Bronx, New York, took advantage of that opportunity when he hosted a thought leadership webinar and noted three important benefits:

1.   ‘It felt good to be listened to’
“People who are considering investing in a new platform want to hear about the challenges and benefits from an organization that went through it and now reaps the reward,” Gabriel said. He added that providing that valuable insight to an eager audience is a fulfilling experience.

2.   Helped his team ‘connect the value of the project to the mission’
“After spending so much time in the details, my team felt our hard work was externally validated by the ‘big picture’ presentation of the relationship between streamlining human resources processes and transforming lives through education,” Gabriel said.

3.   Created an opportunity to ‘bolster our resource library’ and develop partnerships
Gabriel explained that “generating high-quality online content that we are able to share with other organizations and constituents increased the level of collaboration between our peers.”

Ready to get started?
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Learn best practices and hear expert tips at a city (or computer) near you

How attending a User Group can benefit your school or district

For those who have previously attended a User Group, the value is undeniable.

For some, it’s the chance to learn how to get the most out of their solution. For others, it’s hearing how to best handle today’s talent management challenges. Whatever the reason, you’re sure to enjoy the experience and walk away with new and valuable insights.

Now, for the first time, we’re offering Virtual User Groups … allowing you to take advantage of all the great information, right from your desk.

“I learned so much at the Tulsa User Group and enjoyed the informal sharing format,” said Shelley Dabney, secretary to the chief HR office at Edmond Schools in Oklahoma, noting that the event was “a very worthwhile investment of my time and energy.”

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Are you ready for peak hiring season?

Prepare with PeopleAdmin’s solution training — and save up to 10%

To effectively hire quality candidates, schools and districts often rely on talent management solutions — and the more they understand the capabilities of those solutions, the better they fare.

“We immediately recognized that PeopleAdmin’s solutions are vital to our recruiting, hiring and onboarding processes,” said Barbara Burke, director of human resources and staff development at West Baton Rouge Parish Schools (WBR) in Louisiana. “So, we reached out for training, and we were highly impressed with the response time, expertise and thorough walk-through of the system.”

PeopleAdmin’s training offerings are designed to make you as knowledgeable about your solutions as the engineers who designed them. And to help you prepare for peak hiring season, we’re offering you the opportunity to take advantage of a 10 percent savings on most courses for a limited time.

“Our trainer truly made learning fun,” said Dawn Doucet, human resources administrative assistant at WBR. “We could not have become efficient users of the system in such a short time without him.”

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