Jack Blaha
Introducing PeopleAdmin CEO Jack Blaha

PeopleAdmin announced last month that Jack Blaha will serve as its new Chief Executive Officer and former CEO Kermit Randa will continue on PeopleAdmin’s Board of Directors.

“It’s exciting to be part of an organization that is committed to improving K-20 education, and I am looking forward to doing everything I can to help further that mission,” Jack said.

Jack has spent his career delivering industry-leading technology to customers, most recently serving as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Aptean. He began his career as an officer in the United States Army after graduating from United States Military Academy at West Point.

“Jack has the passion and experience to help take our company through its next phase of growth,” Kermit said. “He understands the needs of our customers and is excited to continue PeopleAdmin’s mission of delivering market-leading solutions that help customers hire great people and improve student outcomes.”

Under Jack’s leadership, PeopleAdmin will continue to provide an amazing customer experience and deliver industry-leading solutions as the only talent management company to serve the entire K-20 community.

How districts use evolving tech to attract and hire more high quality candidates

‘The system really allows us to more effectively home in on who we want to interview’

Leading districts in California, Texas and across the U.S. have begun using technology to expand candidate pools and hire teachers who can produce the biggest student achievement gains — the key to achieving the K-12 mission.

“A better, higher-caliber employee generally produces a higher-performing student,” said Jason E. Romero, assistant superintendent of human resources at Del Mar Union School District (DMUSD) in San Diego, California.

DMUSD is one of the thousands of districts using Recruit & Hire, the K-12 education-specific applicant tracking system (ATS) from PeopleAdmin, to more effectively attract and hire “higher-caliber” educators.

“We began posting with Recruit & Hire for K-6 teaching candidates and received over 400 applications,” said Kia Birdsong, human resources assistant at DMUSD. “The system really allows us to more effectively home in on who we want to interview out of those hundreds of applicants, through the filtering mechanisms.”

Pasadena Independent School District in Texas has also increased its candidate pool using the talent management solution.

“We have a lot more applicants than we did with our old system,” said Keith Palmer, associate superintendent of human resources at Pasadena ISD. “Applicants are better able to find us.”

So, how does Recruit & Hire help increase the visibility of job postings among qualified applicants? As recruiting practices and application processes evolve, the solution continues to improve, allowing schools and districts to keep up with modern talent management trends.

Lisa Newton, HRIS specialist at Harford County Public Schools (HCPS) in Maryland, attributes these improvements to the longevity of her district’s relationship with PeopleAdmin.

“Ten years of partnership is impressive,” she said. “When I think of how many things have gone obsolete in the last 10 years and how technology is changing so quickly, that’s a great milestone.

Schedule a demo to learn how Recruit & Hire can help you attract and hire more quality candidates.

New research shows benefits of integrated K-12 talent management solutions

‘It has given us more resources and time’

A new report is making it easier for K-12 professionals to demonstrate the value of talent management solutions, adding facts and figures to what many users of Recruit & Hire, Perform, Records, TeacherMatch, Thrive, SmartFind, and SearchSoft have long known.

“We absolutely love it!” said Shannon Irvin, assistant superintendent at Nelson County Public Schools in Virginia, which uses Recruit & Hire, Perform and Records. “PeopleAdmin tools streamlined our workflow in HR and saved us tremendously in labor hours and postage, not to mention the increased public perception of our competence in the department.”

Third-party research organization Hobson & Company completed a complex analysis of the benefits K-12 institutions can expect by using PeopleAdmin solutions to facilitate recruitment, hiring, onboarding, professional development, records management, and more. The report outlines how using PeopleAdmin solutions can increase K-12 talent management productivity by 67 percent and reduce costs by 33 percent — generating a positive return on investment (ROI) in 2.3 months.

“For each benefit in the analysis, we include customer-validated research data points, as well as testimonials that help support why that benefit was included,” said Erika Blacutt, partner at Hobson & Company. Prior to publishing results, Erika and her team shared their analysis with customers. “I asked them: ‘How does this analysis feel to you?’ ‘Is there anything that doesn’t feel reasonable?’ We use this to validate that the ROI analysis we’ve built resonates and that there’s confidence in the analysis.”

View and share Hobson & Company’s customer-validated research by downloading Talent management’s ROI in K-12 education: How the solution you use can save big money, improve productivity and support student achievement.

Want to help improve Perform?

How ChemLab allows you to influence your solution

“One of the most important things we can do before releasing a feature to customers is get as much feedback as possible.” 

To provide solutions that meet the ever changing needs of K-12 talent management professionals, we rely on feedback from customers like you. That’s why we created ChemLab as an avenue for you to provide commentary and suggestions … and right now, you can use it to review a new feature in Perform, PeopleAdmin’s K-12 performance management solution.

“One of the most important things we can do before releasing a feature to customers is get as much feedback as possible,” said Vince Kane, product manager at PeopleAdmin. “ChemLab allows us to share mockups of planned features with customers and get that feedback before we begin working on them.”

To add your commentary, click the ChemLab icon in the navigation bar of your Perform solution.

“This feedback allows us to fine-tune the feature and ensure it’s easy to use and that it solves pervasive problems before we build it,” Vince said. “It also lets our customers be directly involved with our development process and, in the end, ensures our engineers are spending time developing the most impactful features.”

Kaitlin Reim, UI/EX designer at PeopleAdmin, agreed that your feedback is critical.

“Customer feedback is a vital step when creating software requirements and mockups,” she said. “An added bonus is that our customers get to have their voice heard, while getting a sneak peek at improvements to the software.”

Introducing Fast Pass — a better way to get the support you need

Getting in touch with a support rep shouldn’t require you to wait on hold. Now — thanks to Fast Pass — it never will.

“Fast Pass allows customers waiting in a call queue to end their call, while still holding their place in line, by simply pressing zero,” said Chris Rinella, support team manager at PeopleAdmin. “The caller’s assigned agent can then call the customer back when their position in the queue is reached.”

This improvement to the support call process is the latest example of PeopleAdmin’s emphasis on offering world-class service, in addition to industry-leading talent management solutions.

“We implemented Fast Pass to show our commitment to delivering an amazing customer experience,” Chris said. “This enhancement streamlines the process of reaching the support team via phone and allows us to serve customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Melva Cárdenas, regional strategic advisor at PeopleAdmin

K-12 leaders use data-driven assessments to overcome hiring challenges and quickly identify top teacher candidates

‘Using the EPI, we were able to streamline our recruitment and applicant process’

To maximize student learning, school and district leaders are looking to data to help them identify and hire the best teachers in their applicant pools … before those teachers move on to other opportunities.

“You’re competing with a lot of other districts for candidates, so you want to move quickly with high-quality talent,” explained Melva Cárdenas, regional strategic advisor at PeopleAdmin and former school district HR executive director, principal and teacher.

By providing an un-biased, research-based assessment of teacher candidates, the Educator’s Professional Inventory (EPI)® reduces the amount of time school and district leaders spend determining which applicants are most likely to improve student growth.

“Using the EPI, we were able to streamline our recruitment and applicant process,” said Victoria Frye, director of employment and staffing at Columbus City Schools in Ohio.

Here’s how it works: After applying for a position, applicants receive an email asking them to complete a 100-question online assessment. Then, the EPI compares each applicant’s answers to thousands of data points — all related to qualifications, teaching skills, cognitive ability and attitudinal factors — to measure that applicant’s likely impact on student growth.

The scores are instantly available, sorted and rank-ordered with other applicants so it’s easy to quickly identify who is most likely to have the best impact on student outcomes.

“The EPI offers predictive data to support and improve hiring decisions,” said Dave Schuler, superintendent of High School District 214 in Arlington Heights, Illinois, and past president of the American School Superintendents Association. “We have found the EPI assessment to be incredibly insightful and essential in making informed decisions as part of our hiring process.”

The secret to the first-of-its-kind solution is a research consortium consisting of award-winning scholars, respected universities and highly regarded education research partners. Together, the consortium reviewed decades of research on teacher effectiveness and implemented data-based studies of diverse schools.

The research uncovered empirical evidence with high degrees of confidence that determined which skills, abilities, knowledge, experiences and dispositions contribute most to teacher effectiveness.

“The EPI allows me to have an objective measure to help in not only the screening process, but also in making final decisions about which potential candidate has the best chance to grow students throughout the year,” said Robb Gonda, principal at Upper Arlington City School District in Ohio.

Request a demo to learn how the EPI can help you shorten your hiring process and acquire quality teachers.

Honor your favorite educator in the new year

National Inspired2Educate program continues in 2017

“The reason I chose to go into education is because I realized, ‘if one person could have that kind of profound impact on my life, what kind of impact could I have on other kids’ lives?’” said Damon Adams, an assistant principal at Hay High School in Buda, Texas, and the latest recipient of PeopleAdmin’s Inspired2Educate award.

That sentiment is exactly why PeopleAdmin created the program.

Launched in February 2016, Inspired2Educate gives current educators an opportunity to recognize the teachers, administrators or professors who inspired them to pursue a career in education, and to promote the great work happening in classrooms across the country.

Last year’s Inspired2Educate winners came from various backgrounds and institution types — from elementary school teachers in Boston and Oologah, Oklahoma, to a superintendent in Lubbock, Texas, and professors in Virginia and Pennsylvania — and this year you and your school could win.

To enter, simply submit a video or essay about the educator who inspired you to pursue your career in education. Each quarter, we’ll award one entrant with a $1,000 scholarship and a $1,000 scholarship for his or her institution.

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