Contract renewals were a nightmare for Park Hill — until they did this…

‘I had to put away everything else I was working on and just stamp, stamp, stamp, stamp…’

Leaders at Park Hill School District (Park Hill) in Missouri currently enjoy an efficient contract renewal management process.

“I click a button, and all the contracts go out,” said Judith Perry, human resources administrative assistant at Park Hill. “Within a day, I would say 50 to 60 percent of them are signed and returned.”

But managing contract renewals wasn’t always that easy. Before implementing Records — PeopleAdmin’s automated recordkeeping solution — Judith and her team struggled during contract season.

“My very first year at Park Hill was our last year doing paper contracts, and, during that time, I developed a Pavlov’s dog response to the sound of a rubber stamp,” Judith said. “I would stamp the date that we received the contract, stamp the signature of the board secretary, and stamp the signature of the board president. I did that twice for each of the 850 contracts we had that year.

“I had boxes of contracts by my desk. One box for March 1st, a second box for March 2nd, a third box for March 3rd. I had to put away everything else I was working on and just stamp, stamp, stamp, stamp…”

And that was only the beginning.

“There’s also folding, stacking and forwarding them,” Judith said. “I had to keep up with who returned them with check-off sheets — physical pieces of paper — and keep the principal and my boss informed of who still needed to return their contracts, because the probationary teachers have to sign their contract within 15 days of receiving it.”

“Just getting them out to the teachers was a huge job,” said Debbie Gorman, human resources analyst at Park Hill. “We had to work weekends or work the whole spring break just to get it done. We even had to hand-deliver the contracts to each building, so moving to Records was a no-brainer for us.”

That move, she added, put Park Hill in a “much, much better place.”

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