Customer Spotlight: Burlington Community
School District

School district looks to technology to transform inefficient processes and improve teacher effectiveness

All things considered, what’s most important to school leaders at Burlington Community School District (BCSD) is making a positive impact in the classroom.

“That’s what it’s all about,” said Jeremy Tabor, SPHR, director of human resources at BCSD, located in Burlington, Iowa. “We want our teachers to be able to do the best that they can each and every day — and we want to be able to give them the information, the tools and the resources to be able to do that.”

Using PeopleAdmin’s suite of TalentEd solutions, he says, plays an important role in achieving that.

Jeremy is a relatively new addition to the leadership team at BCSD, bringing deep experience in recruiting and talent management. He quickly realized that the school’s inefficient talent management processes were taking employees’ valuable time and energy away from advancing the academic vision: “Educate, Enrich, Empower, Excel.”

To simplify labor-intensive HR processes, Jeremy began searching for a talent management system that would drive efficiency, streamline evaluations and empower informed recruiting — and TalentEd by PeopleAdmin repeatedly appeared in his research.

Not only did TalentEd meet Jeremy’s initial criteria for an end-to-end solution — so he could deal with one vendor throughout implementation — but the district’s new business manager had used TalentEd at his former place of employment and praised the solution’s customer service and ease of use.

Demonstrations and additional references further supported Jeremy’s research and the district purchased TalentEd Records and Perform — which are currently in implementation — and plans to add Recruit & Hire later this summer.

“It’s been phenomenal so far,” Jeremy said. “I’m getting great support from PeopleAdmin’s staff and in terms of getting everything set up, it’s been easier than I would have anticipated.”

In addition to getting the forms set up, processes laid out and staff up to speed, the system has been easy for employees to learn.

“Even my secretary, who did not have an HR background before coming into her position and had never done anything with HR or HRIS before, has been able to pick up everything fairly quickly,” Jeremy said. “If I can get her in the system and understanding it, I have no doubt that I’m going to be able to do the same thing with the rest of my staff as I start to roll it out with them. That gives me peace of mind — knowing that I made a good decision.”

Jeremy also has peace of mind knowing that BCSD can give instantaneous feedback to teachers and staff using TalentEd Perform.

“From a talent management standpoint, Perform is kind of the meat and potatoes. That’s where the heart of talent management is and where you’re able to identify your top performers, and give them instantaneous feedback. As an evaluator, to give instant feedback on a lesson, and then get feedback from the teacher being evaluated — that’s powerful.”

Jeremy expects that the increase in efficiencies, coupled with the increase in teacher effectiveness, will have a significant and positive impact on student achievement.

“The most important thing is getting the most bang for our buck out of this solution and making that impact in the classroom,” he said.

By minimizing time spent on talent management tasks and giving teachers meaningful feedback, TalentEd has already transformed the climate at BCSD into an efficient workplace with better informed and supported classrooms.

“Once we implement Recruit & Hire, I’m hoping it will give us a better window into our diversity and other hiring initiatives. Having a system that looks at data and puts data at our fingertips will be the start of that here, and the next phase of our talent management improvement plan.”

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