Customer Spotlight: Harford County Public Schools

‘The nice thing is the way the products have already evolved, grown and gotten so much better’

At Harford County Public Schools (HCPS) in Maryland, district leaders expect ongoing improvement and growth from their staff, teachers, students … and even their talent management solutions. That’s why the 54-school district has used PeopleAdmin’s TalentTrack applicant tracking solution (ATS) for 10 years.

“If the software didn’t continue to improve, we would have moved on,” said Lisa Newton, HRIS specialist at HCPS.

After witnessing years of evolutions and advancements, Lisa praised PeopleAdmin’s recent acquisition of TeacherMatch because “PeopleAdmin is now offering a more complete suite.”

As users of Recruit & Hire and SmartFind — a workforce planning solution developed by TeacherMatch — the HCPS team is in a unique position to appreciate the benefits of having one solution provider to meet their complete talent management needs.

“I’m excited to see how PeopleAdmin and TeacherMatch continue to come together,” said Howard Kutcher, Ed.D., senior manager of human resources at HCPS. “We’ve been working on integrating all of our systems recently.”

Howard and Lisa both look forward to one day using a fully integrated platform to manage the entire talent life cycle for their 5,200 employees, and base this hope on past experiences with solution improvements.

“The nice thing is the way the products have already evolved, grown and gotten so much better — more user-friendly,” Lisa said. “My users are often pleasantly surprised. They log in to the system and say, ‘Hey, did you see this new feature?’ or ‘Did you see that we can do this now?’”

That ease of use has empowered new users to quickly adopt the solution. “It wasn’t difficult to learn the system,” Howard said. “Lisa gave me a quick 30-minute tutorial, and it was easy to fly from there.”

“You show people a couple of tips and tricks, and, before you know it, they’re zipping all over the place,” Lisa added.

Lisa also has been impressed with PeopleAdmin’s ability to stay relevant throughout her time with HCPS. “10 years is impressive,” she said. “When I think of how many things have gone obsolete in the last 10 years and how technology is changing so quickly, that’s a great milestone.”

Easy-to-use solutions that continue to meet evolving needs also help keep costs down, said Howard. “We have diminishing budgets all the time, and we have to work within them. The cost savings from automating talent management tasks have allowed us to find creative ways to work with what we’ve got.”

Over the next 10 years, HCPS will continue to seek new ways to do more with less … with support and services from PeopleAdmin by their side.

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