Customer Spotlight: Prosper Independent School District

How the right technology can get principals and teachers talking … and students on track for success

The staff at Prosper Independent School District (ISD) understands that the key to an effective performance evaluation is communication. So they knew it was time for a change when they realized their performance evaluation software was actually inhibiting crucial conversations between principals and teachers.

“Our principals spent hours needlessly working with our system, instead of communicating with teachers,” said Bernadette Gerace, director of human resources at Prosper ISD near Dallas, Texas. “I was looking for a new solution that would allow our principals and teachers to really establish a connection.”

Bernadette began by researching PeopleAdmin’s TalentEd Perform. As a current TalentEd customer, she knew she could trust PeopleAdmin’s solutions and support.

“When we first got TalentEd Recruit & Hire, I thought, ‘This is going to change the way we hire for the better.’ And it was absolutely true,” she said. “Records also has been so helpful in getting all of our personnel records online. I wanted to be equally satisfied with our performance evaluation solution.”

As one of the districts tasked with implementing the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (TTESS) during the 2015-2016 school year, Prosper ISD’s leaders also needed a quick implementation and proven technology that would meet TTESS’s student growth measures. They found it all in Perform.

“Perform is going to allow us to pull student growth measures in and actually view them and work with them while we’re looking at teachers,” she said. “They’re going to integrate so much more easily, so we’ll not only be able to look at what the student growth measure is, but how the students are growing. We can look at it and analyze it, connecting it to so many sets of TTESS measures.”

What the district found most impressive, however, were Perform’s customization options. “Being able to customize the analytics and reporting is, for me — and for principals, I think — more important than anything.”

Integration with their other talent management solutions also provides the visibility and insights needed to improve student outcomes.

“We’re looking at performance from a bird’s-eye view because you’ve got the entire teacher life cycle — the beginning, the records, and the evaluation piece — all together,” Bernadette said. “We can look at everything and really start using that information to better our curriculum and instruction, as well as our hiring practice.

“We can start to pinpoint those aspects of hiring that are actually making a difference and have a connection with performance,” she added, acknowledging that other solutions don’t enable such comprehensive analysis. “One thing that I love about working with PeopleAdmin is the innovation that continues to occur. Before I even thought about what I wanted, PeopleAdmin thought about what I needed — that helps me do my job better.”

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