TalentEd Analytics

Easily identify talent management strengths and areas for improvement with built-in reporting.

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Knowledge is power. And insights into talent management effectiveness give HR teams, school leaders and district officials the power to make better decisions about their schools’ needs, strategies and futures.

Yet a 2016 study found that more than 70 percent of schools and districts don’t measure or can’t report on key performance metrics (KPIs) for talent management activities, while those that do are better equipped to handle talent management needs and challenges.*

To give schools and districts access to the talent management data they need to effectively support the K-12 mission, TalentEd’s talent management solutions include prebuilt reporting templates that analyze applicant demographics, employee record summaries, performance evaluation results, absenteeism trends, substitute usage costs, and more.

Schools and districts that use these tools report spending up to 70 percent less time completing necessary reports, which means they’ve got the information they need to identify necessary improvements, and more time to implement change.**

See how the reporting capabilities of TalentEd’s solutions can help you quickly implement meaningful changes that empower you to more effectively recruit, manage and develop top talent…

Recruit & Hire

  • Understand posting and applicant trends by candidate source, demographic, job type and more.

  • Explore assessment scores for hired and non-hired teacher and principal candidates by position.
  • Improve onboarding management and spend 50 percent less time managing tasks — all with a dashboard that multiple departments can monitor.**

Onboard & Manage

  • Reduce time creating, tracking and managing contracts and intent forms by 60 percent through real-time tracking of task completion.**

  • Spend 60 percent less time completing life cycle management tasks — such as leave documentation, personnel action forms and offboarding — with improved visibility into progress.**

  • Access substitute fill rate metrics and predict fill rates by drilling down into key data fields to improve your workforce planning.

Develop & Retain

  • Increase efficiency and visibility of teacher evaluation process through intuitive dashboards.

  • Realize an 80 percent reduction in the time administrators spend tracking professional development (PD) task completion with visibility into each employee’s customized evaluation plan and PD workflow.**

  • Inform budget proposals, understand which PD offerings would have the greatest impact, and demonstrate ROI on prior PD investments with actionable insights into teachers’ instructional strengths and opportunities for improvement.