Districts simplify contract renewals and other records management tasks with easy-to-use software designed for K-12 education

‘No overtime, no paper. Just a very simple and easy process’

To more effectively manage contracts, personnel records, and forms, education leaders are replacing filing cabinets, Dropbox and Google Drive folders with automated recordkeeping solutions designed for K-12 schools and districts.

“I’m one of those people who does not like a lot of paper,” said Laura Nance, chief financial officer at St. Clair County School District in Ashville, Alabama. “Now, I have a centralized way to look things up without having to go find a piece of paper.”

Using Records — the K-12 recordkeeping solution from PeopleAdmin — St. Clair County and other districts have simplified some of their most frustrating and time-consuming talent management tasks … including contract renewals.

“With Records from PeopleAdmin, we didn’t have to stuff an envelope or copy a single piece of paper during contract renewals,” said Linda Kaiser, Ed.D., director of support staff at Park Hill School District in Kansas City, Missouri. “No overtime, no paper. Just a very simple and easy process.”

Jeremy Tabor, SPRHR, director of human resources at Burlington Community School District in Iowa, said that his district’s processes were likewise “very inefficient,” despite that theirs involved electronic databases and file sharing.

“Our contract renewal process started with four or five people doing contracts, putting all the information into a database, doing mail merges, printing everything out, sending everything out by hand, and waiting to get it back,” he said. “Now, the system sends that information out, which has eliminated so much back and forth for us.”

He also noted that the system was easy for employees to learn. “My secretary, who did not have an HR background before coming into her position, and has never done anything with HR and HRIS, she was able to pick up everything fairly quickly in Records,” he said.

Kia Birdsong, human resources assistant at Del Mar Union School District, was also able to quickly adapt to the workflows in Records. “I think I had a five-minute tutorial, and I got it,” she said. “It was easy.

Simplify Records Management Tasks

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