Don’t interview another candidate until you’ve read this

It’s no secret that interviews aren’t always the most effective way to evaluate candidates.

“Anybody can say anything in an interview,” said Sherry Christian, coordinator of human resources at Niagara Catholic District School Board in Ontario. “Personal evaluations are only as good as the evaluator. We always try to get the right evaluator — someone with experience interviewing candidates — but you can’t always trust that’s accurate.”

But with the right tools, school and district leaders can elicit responses that empower data-based hiring decisions about teachers, principals and support staff, every time.

Introducing the new TalentEd Educators Professional Inventory (EPI) interview guide. The EPI assesses candidates’ strengths and weaknesses based on their answers to 100 questions, then compiles an interview guide with suggested questions tailored to each candidate, and insights to help interviewers gauge responses.

The secret behind this innovative interview guide is the behavior-based interviewing (BBI) method, which requires candidates to tell a specific story about a past experience with a particular research-based element of effective teaching.

Learn more about this method and see sample questions by downloading a sample interview guide.

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