Why this district ‘can’t afford to do duplicate work’ … and how they prevent it

Using K-12 talent management technology to efficiently manage the employee life cycle

Tight budgets have K-12 talent management teams constantly striving to do more with less — a challenge best overcome with tools to streamline workflows and increase efficiency, according to leading K-12 districts.

“We live in a world of budget cuts,” said Barbara Burke, HR director at West Baton Rouge Parish Schools (WBR) in Louisiana. “Our HR department is just myself and an administrative assistant. We can’t afford to do duplicate work.”

To ensure efficiency, WBR uses Recruit & Hire — PeopleAdmin’s automated applicant tracking solution — and Records — PeopleAdmin’s automated recordkeeping solution — to manage applicants as they transition into new hires.

“At one point, after an individual was hired, we had to fill out a hire form by hand that had all the same information that the individual already submitted in Recruit & Hire,” Barbara said. “Now we just click the hire button, and it transfers all the information into their personnel records.”

Tricia Griffith, staffing coordinator at Hays Consolidated Independent School District in Kyle, Texas,  also improves operational efficiency with the integration between Recruit & Hire and Records.

“Once I hit the hire button in Recruit & Hire, it pushes all their electronic forms into Records,” Tricia said. “The new hire process is all very seamless — they log in, then click through links to get to the next step and once they’ve completed all the electronic forms, then they can register for their own orientation. We don’t do anything with paper.”

These integrated, electronic processes prevent district leaders from wasting time tracking down paper documents and files.

“I’m one of those people who does not like a lot of paper,” said Laura Nance, chief financial officer at St. Clair County School District in Ashville, Alabama. “With Records, I have a centralized way to look things up without having to go find a piece of paper.”

Because Records is intuitive, schools are up and running — and realizing benefits — quickly.

“My secretary, who did not have an HR background before coming into her position, and has never done anything with an HRIS, she was able to pick up everything fairly quickly in Records,” said Jeremy Tabor, SPRHR, director of human resources at Burlington Community School District in Iowa.

Kia Birdsong, human resources assistant at Del Mar Union School District in California, agreed. “I think I had a five-minute tutorial, and I got it. It was easy.”

Del Mar Union School District has also realized demonstrative financial benefits from using Records, estimating that they save $60,000-$70,000 per year by not needing to hire a clerk to manage paperwork.

“Records is exactly what we had been looking for,” Kia said.

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