Frontline was hoping we wouldn’t tell you this… 2018-03-29T13:24:38+00:00

Frontline was hoping we wouldn’t tell you this…

Frontline has a secret they’ve been hoping you wouldn’t find out: You’re paying way more
than you need to for Frontline Absence Management (formerly known as Aesop).

School districts that use SmartFind Express — the K-12 workforce management solution from TalentEd — save at least 15 percent per year.

And they’re not losing out on functionality. In fact, the more than 600 K-12 school districts that use SmartFind Express already enjoy:

  • Fill-rate metrics and other actionable data that empower workforce planning.
  • Best-match technology that automatically searches and contacts the most qualified substitute for a specific vacancy.
  • Full communication suite — including email and interactive voice response (IVR) technology — for a customized and convenient user experience.
  • The ability to support multiple approval workflows by type of absence.

Those features and more empower districts such as Clovis Unified School District in California to ensure students never miss a day of learning and front offices function efficiently when placing subs.

“I can just come into work, log in and see my jobs,” said Dana Parker, human resources system operator at Clovis USD. “Everything’s really just a click away in SmartFind Express. Whether you’re running a report, checking on somebody or entering a vacancy, it’s much easier.”

We’re confident you’ll enjoy SmartFind Express just as much as Dana, but you don’t
have to take our word for it…

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Ensuring a great instructor leads every classroom, every day is vital to students’ success, but there’s no reason you should continue to overpay for your workforce management and substitute placement solution.

It’s time for you to take advantage of SmartFind Express’s superior feature set and pricing.

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