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Grow is an educator professional learning platform that brings together evidence-based insights on areas of need with high quality job-embedded professional learning.

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Reinforce the connection between professional growth and student achievement

Educators who spend their days focused on student achievement require consistent, individualized learning to facilitate their own development and achieve professional goals.

With TalentEd Grow, educators can search view, and sign up for tailored professional learning from an easy-to-use, personalized Course Catalog screen. School administrators can create professional learning plans and manage processes and workflows, and district leaders can create an online catalog of learning resources and courses, with relevant recommendations for educators.

The solution facilitates all the components of planning and managing professional learning, so educators and leaders can focus on strategic growth, not documentation.

What educators want with professional learning
Want to receive meaningful feedback on strengths and professional needs
Have a growth mindset and believe continuous improvement is vital to their success
Want learning choices tied to their unique needs or goals


Administrative Benefits

  • Create an online professional learning catalog of all resources and customized courses.

  • Acquire and offer new courses from industry-leading content providers at any time.
  • Manage and monitor all professional learning efforts, including budgeting, credentialing and scheduling.
  • Analyze and compare progress throughout the district.

  • Recommend, require or restrict courses based on demographics and development needs.

Educator Benefits

  • Search the course catalog and quickly find all applicable learning opportunities.

  • View course ratings from colleagues to ascertain the quality of each learning opportunity.

  • Register and track progress with transcripts that include course completion status and credits.
  • Complete courses online anywhere, anytime.

  • Communicate with your peers by building Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).
Expanded course offerings.

“TalentEd Grow is a great solution for districts like us. Our current course offering is small, and Grow allows us to easily grow our offerings, not only for our educators but for all of our district employees.”

Lisa Bachner
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
St. Mary’s County Public Schools


Analytics drive educator effectiveness

We don’t rely on complex, third-party solutions for reporting – because analytics are embedded in our solutions.

Dashboards and reports make it easy to track, manage and monitor all professional learning and evaluation activities, while analysis tools provide insights into districtwide progress.

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