How leading districts make great
last-minute hires

With a new year upon us, many K-12 talent management leaders find themselves scrambling to hire quality teachers.

“Right now is kind of the crunch time,” said Mike Zalewski, director of human resources at Franklin County Schools in North Carolina. “There aren’t a lot of applicants.”

Using TalentEd’s K-12 talent management solutions, district leaders overcome this challenge by increasing candidate pools, and the speed and accuracy with which they identify who will have the greatest impact on student achievement.

Building candidate pools

At Clark County School District in Las Vegas, Nevada, SchoolSpring — the nation’s largest K-12 education-specific job board — helps leaders more effectively attract and hire quality teachers.

“SchoolSpring is one of the few job boards we still use because of the success we’ve had finding high-quality candidates and how easy and appealing the platform is for posting jobs and resume mining,” said Meg Nigro, executive director for recruitment and development.

Making data-based decisions

After attracting a large pool of high-quality candidates, districts must quickly identify who is worth pursuing.

Using the Educators Professional Inventory (EPI)® — a first-of-its-kind, research-based candidate assessment tool — High School District 214 in Arlington Heights, Illinois, quickly and accurately predicts which candidates are most likely to succeed.

“The EPI offers predictive data to support and improve hiring decisions,” said Dave Schuler, Ph.D., superintendent. “We have found the EPI assessment to be incredibly insightful and essential in making informed decisions as part of our hiring process.”

Automating workflows and document management

At Franklin County Schools, pairing Records & Contracts — the automated recordkeeping and process management solution from TalentEd — with an integrated applicant tracking system allows the district to rapidly place quality educators in front of students.

“Being able to turn around quicker and get an onboarding packet in someone’s hand within two days of recommendation has helped us to get the teachers we want in the classroom more quickly,” Mike said. “And that in return is going to help student achievement and help us to be one of the best systems in North Carolina.”

Staying prepared

Armed with the right tools and data, district leaders can accurately identify and quickly hire the teacher candidates who will deliver the most student growth.

During phases of the school year when timing is everything — and where compromising on skills and abilities isn’t an option — using talent management solutions with features designed specifically for K-12 education can be the difference between meeting staffing needs and hiring long-term substitutes.

Learn how TalentEd solutions can help you make great last-minute hires.

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