How talent management technology empowers student achievement at HSD

‘An hour saved in one area is an hour we can spend supporting our teachers, which ultimately helps our students’

Leaders at Hermiston School District (HSD) in Oregon know that in K-12 education, saving time isn’t a luxury — it’s key to student success.

“When my HR director isn’t spending as much time on contracts, he’s helping a principal coach a teacher. When principals can review applications from their office computer instead of coming to the district office, they stay in their building, supporting their teachers,” said Tricia Mooney, interim superintendent at HSD. “An hour saved in one area is an hour we can spend supporting our teachers, which ultimately helps our students.”

Using TalentEd’s suite of K-12 talent management solutions — including Hire, the applicant tracking system, Perform, the performance management solution, and Records, the recordkeeping and process management solution — HSD streamlines time-consuming tasks, so they can focus on what matters most.

“That’s the great thing about TalentEd products,” Tricia said. “They empower us to spend more time on the students.”

But Tricia knows that the technology wouldn’t be nearly as valuable without the world-class support TalentEd provides.

“The relationship with the people — that support system — is very valuable to us,” she explained. “If you buy a product and no one’s there to help, it’s difficult to get the most out of it.”

That relationship is particularly important considering K-12 education’s ever-changing landscape.

“In K-12 education, where everything is always changing, it’s good to have someone proactively reaching out. And I feel comfortable reaching out if I need something, too,” Tricia said. “I haven’t had that level of support with other software vendors.”

Working with TalentEd helps HSD bring together administrators, educators, support reps, and more to work toward a common goal: student achievement.

“It’s not lost on me that improving education comes down to people and relationships,” Tricia said. “That’s a big part of the reason we continue to move forward with TalentEd.”

Hermiston School District

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