How technology helps Del Mar USD work more efficiently — day after day, and year after year

‘It empowers all of us to focus on the big picture of what we need to do to help the district run’

Many talent management solutions can deliver some initial value to schools and districts by simplifying basic workflows, but according to Del Mar Union School District (USD) in California, the right technology delivers increasing value and empowers continuous operational improvements.

“Records & Contracts is a life-saver, and a big time time-saver,” said Alicia Laube, human resources specialist. “We love it more each year.”

When TalentEd spoke to the Del Mar USD team in 2016, they shared how the Hire applicant tracking and Records & Contracts recordkeeping solutions helped them eliminate paper, work more efficiently, and save $60,000-$70,000 per year by not having to hire an additional employee. Since then, Del Mar USD has also used the solutions to improve onboarding, data collection and state-mandated reporting.

“Prior to using Hire and Records & Contracts, a good part of our human resources assistant job was physically creating files for onboarding, hiring, and other employee documentation,” said Jason E. Romero, assistant superintendent of human resources. “A lot of their day — about 50 percent of their workload — was managing those files. So just by eliminating paper versions of employment documentation, you save 50 percent of an employee’s daily tasks.”

But improving onboarding, documentation and reporting results in more than time savings.

“Using Records & Contracts for our online onboarding also improves retention,” said Alicia. “Having an orientation process that’s not geared towards, ‘This is the form you have to sign, sign here, sign here…’ — which is what we did before Records & Contracts — and instead having an orientation that lets new employees know our culture, and where we’re going in the next five, 10 years, really gets them excited for where they’re working and sets them up for success in their new job.”

Because new hires enter employment data online, the district can easily monitor completion and identify gaps.

“Electronic forms make it easy for us to collect the information we need as a district,” said Jason. “And we’ve also created a lot of custom California-specific forms, packets and checklists, which we’ve shared with other districts in our state. People find that very easy to use.”

Customizing and streamlining forms and acknowledgements — such as child abuse laws, an affirmation, drug and alcohol in the workplace, along with employee education and teaching credential information — has also simplified reporting for the California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS).

“That really helps our technology department with the CBEDS report,” said Alicia. “Since information collected in Records & Contracts is electronic, IT can export it in Excel and filter. I know that’s saved them a lot of time, so the benefits go beyond just our department.”

Overall, Alicia adds, “Records & Contracts eliminates a lot of little, minor tasks. In the grand scheme of things, it empowers all of us to focus on the big picture of what we need to do to help the district run.”

Del Mar Union School District

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