Why some schools are hiring quality teachers faster

‘Using the EPI, we were able to streamline our recruitment and applicant process’

To maximize student learning, school and district leaders are looking to data to help them identify and hire the best teachers in their applicant pools … before those teachers move on to other opportunities.

“You’re competing with a lot of other districts for candidates, so you want to move quickly with high-quality talent,” explained Melva Cárdenas, regional strategic advisor at PeopleAdmin and former school district HR executive director, principal and teacher.

By providing an un-biased, research-based assessment of teacher candidates, the Educator’s Professional Inventory (EPI)® by PeopleAdmin reduces the amount of time school and district leaders spend determining which applicants are most likely to improve student growth.

“Using the EPI, we were able to streamline our recruitment and applicant process,” said Victoria Frye, director of employment and staffing at Columbus City Schools in Ohio.

Here’s how it works: After applying for a position, applicants receive an email asking them to complete a 100-question online assessment. Then, the EPI compares each applicant’s answers to thousands of data points — all related to qualifications, teaching skills, cognitive ability and attitudinal factors — to measure that applicant’s likely impact on student growth.

The scores are instantly available, sorted and rank-ordered with other applicants so it’s easy to quickly identify who is most likely to have the best impact on student outcomes.

Identifying Top Teachers

“The EPI offers predictive data to support and improve hiring decisions,” said Dave Schuler, superintendent of High School District 214 in Arlington Heights, Illinois, and past president of the American School Superintendents Association. “We have found the EPI assessment to be incredibly insightful and essential in making informed decisions as part of our hiring process.”

The secret to the first-of-its-kind solution is a research consortium consisting of award-winning scholars, respected universities and highly regarded education research partners. Together, the consortium reviewed decades of research on teacher effectiveness and implemented data-based studies of diverse schools.

The research uncovered empirical evidence with high degrees of confidence that determined which skills, abilities, knowledge, experiences and dispositions contribute most to teacher effectiveness.

“The EPI allows me to have an objective measure to help in not only the screening process, but also in making final decisions about which potential candidate has the best chance to grow students throughout the year,” said Robb Gonda, principal at Upper Arlington City School District in Ohio.

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