Overcome the teacher shortage with these 9 resources

Expert advice on one of the most complex challenges facing K-12 talent management professionals today

Is your school or district struggling to objectively identify top candidates because of shrinking talent pools, insufficient resources, and too few qualified educators for unique positions?

With these nine resources, you can develop a strategy to help make sure you have a quality educator in every classroom … even during a teacher shortage.

Study reveals new facts about the so-called teacher shortage
The legitimacy of teacher shortages has long been questioned, but new data and testimonials from K-12 leaders offer insights that may finally lead to answers. Discover what we’ve learned.

What one Texas-based superintendent learned about the teacher shortage
Keith Bryant, superintendent of Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District, discusses the TalentIndex — a collection insights and predictions from hundreds of K-12 professionals — and what it taught him about the teacher shortage. Hear what he has to say.

How to redefine the teacher shortage … so the solution becomes clear
Most people associate the teacher shortage with shrinking applicant pools — which, in many cases, is accurate. But the teacher shortage also includes struggles to find qualified educators for unique positions, or even having ample applicants yet insufficient resources to objectively identify top candidates. Learn More.

Understanding and overcoming the teacher shortage
Watch this short video to learn about the unique state of the teacher shortage and how — in spite of this challenging situation — you can attract, identify and develop top talent. Watch the video.

How to identify top teachers, even during a teacher shortage
See how predictive analytics can help you identify the best educators in any applicant pool — large or small — and arm them with the tools they need to accelerate their professional development. See how.

Schools and districts are learning to identify star teachers using powerful predictive analytics
While many schools and districts are struggling with the teacher shortage, others are identifying and hiring top educators. Discover their secret.

To improve retention and ease recruiting challenges, onboarding is key
For schools and districts struggling to hire during the teacher shortage, improving onboarding and retention can be the difference between placing top educators in classrooms for the long term … or having to continually recruit from a tight labor market. Learn more.

District overcomes California’s teacher shortage by using technology to attract and retain better candidates
Leaders at Del Mar Union School District in San Diego, California, understand that star teachers drive student growth. So, when California’s teacher shortage threatened the district’s ability to attract and retain quality educators, they knew they had to act quickly. Learn more.

Retain star teachers with personalized professional development
Recruiting during a teacher shortage is difficult for any school or district, but there may be a way to sidestep that challenge. See how tailored professional development can help you improve teacher retention and avoid recruiting from a tight labor market. See how.

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