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TalentEd Perform for Illinois

Simplify appraisal management for teachers, principals and staff with Illinois-specific evaluation standards and rubrics in Perform.

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K-12 appraisal management solution for Illinois school districts

To efficiently implement processes that align with Illinois’ educator appraisals, schools and districts need a technology partner that knows Illinois education.

TalentEd is the No. 1 provider of performance evaluation tools in the state and has helped nearly Illinois 100 schools and districts simplify hiring, development and appraisal management.

“Now that the structure is consistent across the district, we can focus more on communicating the quality of what we’re seeing to teachers,” said Dr. Michael Amadei, principal at Iroquois Community School, part of Des Plaines Community Consolidated School District 62, in Cook County, Illinois. “That gives us higher-quality evaluations, which can lead to big gains for teacher growth.”

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“Teachers are now able — with the documents they’re uploading and sharing with us from the privacy of their own homes or other collaboration time — to get the feedback they want so they can grow as educators. I think that’s the biggest piece.”

Dr. Michael Amadei, Principal, Iroquois Community School

Examining multiple pieces of information — including observations, student learning objectives (SLOs), goals and more — prior to making judgments can present a time strain for Illinois teachers and appraisers. But Perform makes it easy to collaborate with teachers, streamline documentation and manage data to provide a fair performance assessment.

Perform helps educators make the most of their time together, and apart, by ensuring transparency into the assessment process. Documentation of formative evaluations and one-on-one appointments is quick and easy, and after meetings, teachers can review and provide real-time feedback, enhancing two-way communication and assuring teachers know that assessments are completed with them — not for them.
Competently capture assessment information — including videos, photos, and edited and unedited notes — using Perform’s scripting tools. Notes can be “tagged” to domains or components observed in the classroom and time stamps assist in determining transitions through observations.
With so much assessment documentation captured electronically, using collected data can be overwhelming … but Perform’s reporting functionality makes it easy to collate and analyze all assessment information.

For example, a report on a teacher’s strengths and areas of potential growth — built using supervisor observations and feedback — can be used to create professional development plans. Customers say reports are also useful when preparing for audits.

Perform’s flexible system customization can meet each district’s unique method for incorporating student learning objectives (SLOs). So whether a district decides to demonstrate student performance through tests, artifacts, curriculum completion, or otherwise, Perform has the tracking and reporting tools needed to demonstrate statewide compliance.

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