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TalentEd Perform and McRel

Simplify, automate, and ensure a consistent observation, supervision, and evaluation process, all with flexibility and freedom in case that process and its requirements change.

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K-12 Education
McREL’s respected, research-based teacher and principal evaluation standards and rubrics are now available in Perform.

McREL International spent decades producing educator effectiveness research as a nonprofit, non-partisan organization committed to excellence in teaching, learning and leadership, and now offers research-based, growth-oriented standards and rubrics that respect the education profession and the professional while driving growth and accountability.

McREL provides strong connections between evaluation systems and its well-known research and training programs, including Classroom Instruction That WorksBalanced Leadership, and District Leadership That Works.

And now, McREL’s evaluation frameworks are available in TalentEd Perform, a flexible K-12 performance evaluation solution trusted by hundreds of districts and schools nationwide.

Perform: Comprehensive performance management technology designed to handle all K-12 employee evaluation needs.

Simplify, automate and ensure consistent observation, supervision and evaluation processes, all with the flexibility to customize and adapt to changing processes or requirements.

  • Configurable to fit existing forms and processes, your preferred framework, or McREL’s rubrics for teachers (Standard and CUES) and principals (Balanced Leadership).
  • Reduce paperwork and minimize cost. No hardware to buy and nothing to install.
  • Available anywhere you can access the internet, even on tablets and mobile phones.
  • Automate and streamline workflow and communications for your principals, administrators, teachers and staff.
  • Process status and completion reporting.
  • Automatic workflow, e-signatures and reminder alerts.
  • Form builder allows for configuration and updating any time.
  • Evaluation process builder ensures evaluations are completed according to your guidelines.
  • Evaluation result analytics help you make data-driven decisions and generate relevant reports.
  • Inter-rater reliability monitoring ensure evaluator consistency.
  • Support for teacher artifacts portfolio collection in alignment with you standards.
  • Create and include results from engagement surveys.
  • Sync evaluation tasks with your existing calendar.
  • Tablet and mobile access with anytime, anywhere access to complete forms or review evaluation status.
  • Personal improvement plans support.