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Manage employment documentation and time-consuming recordkeeping tasks easily with a process management solution that includes user-friendly reporting, tracking and compliance tools.

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PeopleAdmin Records
A better way to manage your people

K-12 education devotes a lot of time, money and resources to records management — that includes managing employee paperwork, manually cross-checking checklists and spreadsheets, and coordinating multistep processes and workflows such as contracts, new hire onboarding and exiting … plus all the forms, requests and updates that arise unexpectedly.

But schools are eliminating stacks of paperwork and manual document tracking with Records — PeopleAdmin’s robust recordkeeping solution. Records is more than a fancy digital file cabinet for all of your district’s personnel records. It’s a powerful, customizable process management solution that streamlines and automates the most complicated, frustrating and time-consuming tasks and workflows, so teachers, administrators and staff can spend less time on documentation, and more time empowering student achievement.


Contract Renewal Management
Take the legwork — printing, hand delivering, chasing and retrieving — out of the yearly contract process and save resources, overtime and frustration.

E-Signatures, Workflows and Reminder Alerts
Automate reminders to employees so you’re not left chasing missing forms. Completed forms are forwarded to appropriate people for review and signature, all without leaving the keyboard.

Smart Digital Storage
Search for documents, file, import, route and purge with drag-and-click ease. Comprehensive security settings mean you control who can access what.

Customizable E-Forms
Build and customize electronic forms for seamless, paper-free filing, including FMLA documents, policy forms, leave requests, and more.

Easy Employee Submissions
Invite staff to complete documentation electronically — e-forms, e-signatures and alerts make it easy and convenient to submit paperwork. The electronic “paper” trail keeps staff in the loop and provides peace of mind that nothing gets misplaced or misfiled.

Standardize and Simplify Exit Processing
Make sure nothing is overlooked when employees leave, whether for retirement, a new opportunity or termination.

Quickly Identify What’s Missing
User-friendly reports and dashboards show what documentation employees are missing, what’s due and what’s expiring … without digging through personnel folders.

Scan and Upload in Bulk at Your Pace
Scan and upload your PDFs and other digital files individually or in bulk, completing a once-daunting task in a snap.

Stay audit-ready.

“Demonstrating compliance in Records is much easier. We have the files set up very nicely with all of our teaching certifications, transcripts, custom titles and folders.”

Barbara Burke
Director of Human Resources and Staff Development
West Baton Rouge Parish Schools

Keep files up to date.

“It’s nice to know when you change a form now, you don’t have to worry about whether everybody dumped their old forms and made copies of the new forms. It’s done once, and it’s right.”

Jackie Floyd
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Fort Zumwalt School District

Make a difference, immediately.

“I think I had a five-minute tutorial,
and I got it. It was easy. Records was what I had been looking for.”

Kia Birdsong
Human Resources Assistant
Del Mar Union School District


Analytics drive talent management

Knowledge is power. Insights into talent management effectiveness give HR teams, school leaders and district officials the power to make better decisions about their schools’ needs, strategies and futures.

The reporting capabilities of TalentEd’s solutions help you implement meaningful changes that empower more effective recruitment, management and development of top talent.

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see it in action

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