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As the nation’s largest K-12-specific job board, SchoolSpring attracts more than 800,000 unique visitors each month and helps schools and districts recruit the best, most unique educators.

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Get the most out of each job opening with SchoolSpring

Recruiting is stressful. But what if you could have an army of recruiters behind you, helping you make the most of your recruiting dollars and find today’s top candidates? That’s what it’s like to use SchoolSpring.

We attract over 800,000 unique visitors a month, making us the No. 1 national educational job site in the country. Why settle for anything less than SchoolSpring?

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Expand your candidate pool

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  • 800,000 unique visitors per month
  • Search national and local candidate pools
  • Integrate directly with Hire and other applicant tracking systems

  • Post directly to SchoolSpring and other job sites

Job seekers

  • Choose from over 70,000 jobs in education
  • Create a profile so employers can find you
  • Track all your applications in one place
  • Create customized job alerts
  • Fill out one application for multiple jobs
Increase your reach.

“SchoolSpring makes it easier for candidates to see what openings we have.”

Britt Spears
Human Resources Director
Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District

Find the right talent.

“SchoolSpring is one of the few job boards we still use because of the success we’ve had finding high-quality candidates.”

Meg Nigro
Executive Director for Recruitment and Development
Clark County School District

Enjoy the results.

“We’ve been using SchoolSpring for years, and we absolutely love it.”

Bill Olsen 
Westford Public Schools

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