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TalentEd SmartFind Express

Ensure every classroom is led by a great instructor every day with a workforce management solution that helps identify the best available substitute and automates scheduling.

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Make every day a learning day

SmartFind Express delivers comprehensive tracking, customized reporting and analytical support for K-12 absence management, so schools and districts can ensure there’s a qualified educator in every classroom, every day.

SmartFind Express transforms absence management with best-fit technology that identifies the most qualified available substitute for each absence.


Smarter absence management

  • Fill-rate metrics provide key workforce planning information.

  • Actionable data illuminates which tasks and processes need your immediate attention.

  • Best-match technology automatically searches and contacts the most qualified substitute for a specific vacancy.

  • Full communication suite — including email and interactive voice response (IVR) technology — allows you to create a customized and convenient user experience.

Highly customizable

  • Set call-out rules to engage with only the most qualified substitutes.

  • Supports multiple approval workflows by type of absence.

  • Powerful, custom reports allow you to easily track and share key performance metrics.

Built to support K-12 talent management

  • Used by more than 600 K-12 school districts.

  • Aids a talent management ecosystem by integrating with other TalentEd solutions, as well as HRIS, payroll and human resources software.

  • Superior customer support.

Easy to use. 

“I can just come into work, log in and see my jobs. Everything’s really just a click away. Whether you’re running a report, checking on somebody or entering a vacancy, it’s much easier.”

Dana Parker
Human Resources System Operator
Clovis Unified School District

Supports student achievement. 

“It definitely streamlines where the substitutes are placed, and that’s obviously what’s best for the students.”

Jackie Jones
Substitute Coordinator
Grand Island Public Schools

Frees you to focus
on what matters. 

“Having the automated calling so that I don’t have to make all those phone calls is pretty awesome.”

Tricia Griffith
Staffing & HR Systems Coordinator
Hays Consolidated Independent School District


Analytics drive talent management

Knowledge is power. Insights into talent management effectiveness give HR teams, school leaders and district officials the power to make better decisions about their schools’ needs, strategies and futures.

The reporting capabilities of TalentEd’s solutions help you implement meaningful changes that empower more effective recruitment, management and development of top talent.

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