Smartphone apps are changing the software industry — and TalentEd is helping lead the way

By Chris Weber, PeopleAdmin Chief Product Architect

When you download a new app, do you struggle to learn how to use it or do you intuitively know how it works? Can you say the same when your school or district purchases a new software solution?

To provide the same positive experience delivered by most smartphone apps, TalentEd by PeopleAdmin is designing solutions to meet three key requirements:

1.   Data-driven

How often are you truly using data to improve your decision-making? In many cases, people sift through huge amounts of information in Excel and only gain insight into how a process is working when it’s too late to course-correct.

Understanding that not everyone wants to be a data scientist, TalentEd delivers tools designed to make school and district data accessible in real time, easy to understand and actionable.

With solutions such as the Educators Professional Inventory (EPI), we’re empowering district leaders to objectively predict the future success of teacher, principal and staff candidates, and to use data to help educators reach their full potential. The EPI begins with a 100-question candidate assessment, which is scored, sorted and color-coded to quickly identify the top candidates. Then the EPI provides a data-based interview guide and suggested professional development plan built to fit the candidate’s unique strengths and opportunities for improvement.

And our soon-to-be-released Discover Analytics solution will empower even greater data-based decision-making by providing actionable insights on process optimization across the entire talent life cycle.

2.   Easy to use

Imagine hiring the perfect candidate. Throughout their application process, you’ve collected tons of information about them through your applicant tracking system (ATS), only to realize during their onboarding process that you’re forced to re-enter personnel information into a separate system.

There’s no longer a need for that duplicate entry thanks to an integration between Hire — the ATS from TalentEd — and Records & Contracts — TalentEd’s recordkeeping and process management solution. Users can simply click a button, and the necessary information automatically moves to the new hire’s electronic personnel file.

And we’re constantly enhancing integrations within the TalentEd suite and with other vital human resources software. For example, Develop — our professional development management solution — integrates with SmartFind Express — our absence management solution — prompting those who schedule time off for professional development activities to request a substitute.

3.   Always evolving

TalentEd solutions constantly improve as our team of developers tirelessly seek new ways to empower K-12 teams to spend less time on the mundane so they can focus on what really matters: improving student achievement.

Stay tuned to hear about the future innovations we’re already working on…

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