Customer Spotlight: Pasadena Independent
School District

‘Pasadena ISD encourages growth and potential. The district as a whole is on the cutting edge.’

Pasadena Independent School District (ISD) spent 2015 unlike many other U.S. schools — rather than struggling to attract teachers, the large suburban district outside of Houston, Texas, attracted more job applicants than ever and earned recognition from the Houston Chronicle as one of the “Top 150 Workplaces.”

The school district’s secret? A culture that encourages teachers and students.

“Our success is due in no small part to the wonderful employees we have in our district. They have helped us build a culture of deep respect, mutual support and common vision,” said Dr. DeeAnn Powell, superintendent of schools. “They have created an amazing teaching and learning environment that challenges, motivates and encourages our students to achieve their dreams.”

From the top down, Pasadena ISD realizes that building an ideal school culture means having the right employees, which begins with attracting and identifying the right candidates.

“Internal and external applicants say that finding jobs, creating accounts, applying for multiple positions and getting email updates when new positions come open all made the application process positive for them,” said Keith Palmer, associate superintendent for HR at Pasadena ISD. The district uses TalentEd Hire Pro and notes that applications spiked — surpassing 81,000 — after implementing the solution on Feb. 1, 2015. “We have a lot more applicants than we did with the old system, which shows that applicants are better able to find us.”

Once hired, the district also focuses on keeping the right employees on board.

“We want to continue to attract, recruit and retain high-quality staff,” Keith said. “That’s true for everyone from teachers to administrators to bus drivers to cafeteria workers. To do that, our goal is to make sure we have competitive salaries and benefit packages and good working environments that continue to show positive employee feedback.”

District employees have taken note of the extra effort to keep them happy. In a Houston Chronicle survey response, one employee wrote, “Pasadena ISD encourages growth and potential. The district as a whole is on the cutting edge and strives to stay on top of technology and other educational values.”

That’s just one response from the nearly 5,000 employee surveys voluntarily submitted for the “Top 150 Workplaces” recognition, which clearly demonstrates that Pasadena ISD employees are passionate about their district … and sure to attract even more talented candidates.

Recent Pasadena ISD accolades

  • One of ‘Top 150 workplaces’ in Houston, Houston Chronicle, 2015
  • Meritorious Budget Award, Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO), 2015
  • Topped Texas state graduation rate, second consecutive year – nearly 90% of graduating class received diplomas, 2014
  • Pasadena Memorial and Rayburn High Schools: Best High Schools in America, U.S News and World Report, Bronze category, 2014
  • Keller Middle School – National School to Watch, 2014

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