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Performance Matters

Student Performance Solutions

There’s more to student achievement than what happens in the classroom — and monitoring real-time performance can give educators and K-12 leaders the insights they need to best support students.

PowerSchool’s Performance Matters solutions assess and monitor students’ academic and non-academic performance, and use that information
to provide insights into effectiveness of curriculum, professional learning and more.

With visibility into all factors that influence student performance, educators, administrators and parents can ensure students receive the attention and structure they need to focus on learning objectives and improve behavior.

    Student Assessment
    Our Assessment solution energizes learning and is a dynamic tool for educators to author and administer assessments that make gauging student achievement simple and straightforward.
  • TalentEd Student Support
    Student Support
    Student Monitoring
    Our student support solution enables education leaders to optimize student learning objectives (SLOs) and identify academic and behavioral risk students, then provide the support they need to succeed.