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TalentEd Student Support

A student support solution that enables educators to optimize student learning and identify academic and/or behavioral risk students.

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School Dropout Rates
Knowledge and insights to understand where students are, so educators and parents can take meaningful action.

When educators, parents and student work as a team, students are better equipped for success, and insights from TalentEd’s Performance Matters Student Support solution help them work together.

Student Support gives educators and administrators control over what data they see, including multiple monitoring and tracking options to assess and optimize student performance across the classroom, school and district. Clear, easy-to-use dashboards guide preemptive intervention tactics and course corrections for behavioral issues before they become larger problems.

The solution also helps engage parents in their student’s progress, as educators can seamlessly share information and solicit parental involvement, or deliver updates on student progress and situational behavioral status changes.


  • Insightful monitoring

  • Progress tracking

  • Attendance compliance

  • Observation notation

  • Establish baselines

  • Parental reporting

Snapshot views.

“Student Support offers a snapshot view of a teacher’s class flagging students for whom a Progress Monitoring Plan (PMP) has been triggered.  This feature provides a simple way to create and access students’ PMPs. From within the location of this feature, student data are readily accessible making it easy for teachers to connect the student data with instructional strategies and monitor their effectiveness.”

Dr. Carol Mela
Director of Elementary Leading & Learning
Brevard County Public Schools​

Instant access.

“One of the biggest advantages of TalentEd s is the instant access to data, anytime, anywhere. Whenever we do anything, we simply pull the data from the system. Everything we need is right there at our fingertips.”

Michelle Kernan
Director of Federal Programs and Academic Services
Hernando County School District


Analytics drive student performance

With a holistic student view, you can easily compile and use data — such as — state assessments, national assessments, and local measures, including academic and behavioral indicators — from multiple disparate systems to provide real-time insights that guide action.

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