Customer Spotlight: Fort Zumwalt School District

‘I knew we needed to really look at getting the entire personnel life cycle on a single platform’

For many schools and districts, talent management processes — recruiting, new hire onboarding, records management, performance reviews — don’t change for years or even decades … until something goes wrong.

But Fort Zumwalt School District in O’Fallon, Missouri, didn’t wait for a compliance crisis or a misplaced document to create a problem for their schools. When they realized paper-based processes were inefficient and putting them at risk, leaders took action.

“I knew we needed to really look at getting the entire personnel life cycle on a single platform because the paper was overwhelming,” said Jackie Floyd, Ed.D., assistant superintendent at the district. “I’m sure we always did a good job before, but it always felt like these loose ends were hanging out there — we didn’t have this back, we didn’t have that back. We assumed everything was great because three-fourths of what we got back was all right.”

Jackie and her team’s search for a talent management solution to help streamline workflows and improve process visibility began with PeopleAdmin because the district had a great experience using Perform, PeopleAdmin’s performance evaluation solution.

“We liked Perform because it had a lot of the forms we needed already developed, and they were easy to tweak,” she said. “So, we looked at Recruit & Hire and Records, and we liked them, too.”

After moving forward with implementation of the two new solutions, Fort Zumwalt has enjoyed a much more efficient hiring process. “During my first year, we hired about 87 teachers,” Jackie said. “This year, we’ve hired 145, and it was a much more streamlined process.”

But the benefits don’t end there. “It’s been pretty amazing how much quicker our onboarding paperwork has been completed, not to mention that it’s filed and organized for us in the system,” Jackie said.

The new hires have enjoyed the experience, as well. “When we set up their onboarding paperwork in Records, we have an explanation for every item,” Jackie said. “Before, they would get confused. When they sit down and meet me, they’re excited about being hired. Their mind is going a mile a minute. I’m giving them tons of information, and they think they’ve got it all. But they walk away from me, and they can’t remember exactly what they’re supposed to do.

“Now, it’s all at their fingertips. They can even work on their onboarding paperwork while they’re driving on vacation to Gulf Shores. And they can’t lose it … no matter how hard they try.”

Moreover, Jackie said, current staff members enjoy the one-stop access the three integrated modules provide. “It’s one place they can meet all of their HR needs,” she said. “If they want to check their contract, work on part of their evaluation, or request a transfer, it’s all in one place.”

The integrated solutions also allow for consistent documentation. All hiring and onboarding documents can be kept in one place. “It’s nice to know that when you change a form, you don’t have to worry about whether everyone updated their copy. It’s done — one time — and it’s right.”

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