Framingham Public Schools finds new solution and data key to meaningful performance evaluations

‘Our staff and administrators were amazed with the reporting dashboard functions … it’s very, very helpful’

In most K-12 districts, performance evaluations either provide powerful feedback and coaching that improve teacher effectiveness and job satisfaction, or add to the list of documentation-heavy administrative burdens.

Framingham Public Schools (FPS) is transitioning from the latter to the former.

“We want to make sure evaluations aren’t being done just to be done,” said Tiago Gadens, assistant director of  human resources at FPS. “I think that’s a problem across every district.”

To ensure evaluations are meaningful, FPS is implementing TalentEd’s performance management solution, Perform — which provides easy access to performance and evaluation data.

“If my superintendent walked in my office asking for performance data, I couldn’t have provided it previously,” Tiago said. “With Perform, I’m confident I could do that with one click.”

Perform has already demonstrated how easy that would be.

“We just completed training, and our staff and administrators were amazed with the reporting dashboard functions — that you can see what’s missing in one click and you can see how many staff members are proficient and how many are satisfactory,” Tiago said. “It’s very, very helpful.”

Tiago also knows Perform will have better support than FPS’s past performance management solution — an expectation based on his experience using TalentEd’s applicant tracking solution, Hire, and records management solution, Records & Contracts.

“TalentEd’s support is outstanding,” he said. “The help desk is amazing.”

He also knows that beyond the single sign-on, reporting insights and efficiency improvements he’ll see initially, the integrated suite of talent management solutions will deliver additional benefits in the future.

“The fact that everything’s tied together cuts out a lot of work,” Tiago explained. “Especially when it comes to data entry.”

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