Customer Spotlight: West Baton Rouge Parish Schools

‘We could not have become efficient users of the system in such a short time without him’

PeopleAdmin’s solutions are designed to offer the functionality K-12 schools and districts need to overcome talent management challenges, and built with dozens of customization options so each individual school or district can meet its unique needs. And with all that functionality, the most skilled users know that deep product knowledge is key to maximizing benefits.

“We immediately recognized that PeopleAdmin’s solutions are vital to our recruiting, hiring and onboarding processes,” said Barbara Burke, director of human resources and staff development at West Baton Rouge Parish Schools (WBR) in Louisiana. “So, we reached out for additional training, and we were highly impressed with the response time, expertise and thorough walk-through of the system.”

Dawn Doucet, human resources administrative assistant at WBR, added that the training experience was more than informative — it was enjoyable.

“Our trainer truly made learning fun,” she said. “We could not have become efficient users of the system in such a short time without him.”

Having gained a better understanding of their solutions’ capabilities, Dawn and Barbara are now taking full advantage of the customization options offered by both Recruit & Hire — PeopleAdmin’s applicant tracking solution — and Records — PeopleAdmin’s recordkeeping solution.

“Being able to change the workflows in Recruit & Hire is great,” Barbara said. “All the applications come to me for screening, but, anytime I go on vacation, I can just switch that over and let the applications go to Dawn.”

In Records, Barbara and her team customized the filing system, which allows them to more easily find important documentation needed to defend against an audit.

“We were able to set up the files exactly how we want them,” Barbara explained. “Records allows you to customize your files, set up your naming convention, add sleeves, and whatever else you need.”

With the efficiencies gained from their improved solution use, Barbara said, the WBR human resources team is “100 percent satisfied with the products and services PeopleAdmin provides to us.”

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