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Choose a partner that understands your challenges — through dedicated research and first-hand experience

K-12 talent management teams have a responsibility to surround students with the best possible educators. And they can’t afford to partner with a technology provider that doesn’t understand the importance and difficulty of meeting that goal.

TalentEd research experts work tirelessly to uncover how schools and districts can more effectively recruit, hire, develop and manage quality educators, and our K-12 education veterans have seen first-hand the challenges schools and district face — and how to best solve them.


Nick Montgomery

Nick Montgomery – Chief Research Officer

Nick Montgomery is an education data scientist and entrepreneur, with a background in computer science and education research, who brings a wide breadth of experience and superb analytical and translation skills.

Nick directs the research agenda for TalentEd, along with the translation of best-in-class instruments to our revolutionary platform. Previously he worked for TeacherMatch. Prior to that, he directed and scaled UChicago Impact — an organization providing nationwide school improvement data tools built from high-end research to over 4,000 schools nationwide.

Nick holds a Master of Arts in education research from the University of Michigan, and Bachelor of Arts in computer science from Brown University. Nick cultivated his research expertise at the University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research.

Jonathan Cottrell, Ph.D.,

Jonathan Cottrell, Ph.D., Research Scientist

As a research scientist at TalentEd, Jonathan is responsible for the maintenance and creation of hiring assessments — such as the Educators Professional Inventory (EPI)® tools — checking for good psychometric properties, adding items to scales, and aligning existing measures to desired student outcomes.

Jonathan has four years of experience working in education and has been published more than a dozen times, including as the lead author of “A look in the mirror: The mastery-oriented IO psychologist” and “Explaining the Black-White Gap in Cognitive Test Scores: Toward a Theory of Adverse Impact.”

He earned a Bachelor of Science in psychology and statistics at the University of Maryland College Park and a Doctor of Philosophy in industrial and organizational psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Lucas Thatcher, Ph.D.

Lucas Thatcher, Ph.D., Data Analyst

As an associate data analyst at TalentEd, Lucas builds analytics dashboards for various TalentEd solutions and performs statistical analysis used to build performance indicators and predictors.

Lucas has nearly eight years’ education experience and has been published several times, including as co-author of “Statistical Investigation of Hourly OMNI Solar Wind Data” and “Synthetic Four-Solar-Cycle Wind Model Generated from the OMNI Data Set.” He has also held roles as a research associate and data science fellow.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts in physics from Colby College, a master’s degree in predictive analytics from DePaul University, and a Doctor of Philosophy in physics from Dartmouth College.

Lisa Lopez

Liza Lopez, Data Analyst

As a data analyst at TalentEd, Liza works with the research team to enhance analytics solutions and deliver more useful and actionable insights for K-20 customers.

Liza has more than seven years’ experience working in education, oil, and real estate, and has analyzed finance and marketing information, in addition to the talent management data she currently helps turn in to powerful insights.

She has a Bachelor of Science in accountancy at DePaul University.

Zachary Freundt

Zachary Freundt, Data Analyst

In his role as a data analyst, Zachary helps determine key performance indicators within the SmartFind Express database and assists with the creation and maintenance of the tableau analytics dashboards.

Zachary recently earned a Bachelor of Science in mathematics from Illinois Wesleyan University and has a Business Data Analytics Certificate from Loyola University Chicago.

Peiyu Lin

Peiyu Lin, Data Architect

A five-year veteran of the research team, Peiyu engineers changes, enhancements and new applications for TalentEd assessments and constructs internal and external data for research and reporting.

Peiyu has more than 32 years’ education experience, including instructional roles in higher education.

She holds a Master of Elementary Math Education from China, as well as a Master of Education in curriculum and instruction, and a Master of Science in computer science, both from Loyola University of Chicago.