Three school districts ensure records management compliance and simplicity
by going digital

‘When all of our forms are embedded through Records, we know that things are current, up to date and correct’

More than just a trend of the modern digital age, implementing electronic talent management processes helps schools and districts correct inefficiencies and inaccuracies not previously identified, as leaders at Fort Zumwalt School District in Missouri discovered when implementing Records — PeopleAdmin’s automated recordkeeping solution.

“One of the first things we did when we were building the Records site and setting up our checklists was bring all our employment forms together and begin formalizing the new recordkeeping process,” said Jackie Floyd, Ed.D., assistant superintendent at the district. “Once everyone compared their forms, I heard a lot of people saying, ‘That’s not what my form says.’”

Ft. Zumwalt has since used Records to streamline its recordkeeping process, ensure new hires receive versions of forms that reflect the most recent district changes, and securely store and find digital documents.

“It’s nice to know that when you change a form now, you don’t have to worry about whether everybody dumped their old forms and made copies of the new forms,” Jackie said. “It’s done once, and it’s right.”

Jason E. Romero, assistant superintendent of human resources at Del Mar Union School District (DMUSD) in California agreed.

“Records can save you from basic human error,” he said, noting that their tedious manual process took several days and included tasks such as hole-punching, stapling, labeling, binding and filing. “I can’t tell you the number of times that we would look at a file and notice that we had an outdated I-9 form or someone signed the wrong form. When all of our forms are embedded through Records, we know that things are current, up to date and correct.”

Kia Birdsong, human resources assistant at DMUSD, also felt the frustration of being dependent on paper, noting how a copier jam frequently cost an hour of her day and contributed to job dissatisfaction. She was glad to replace those tasks with the intuitive workflows in Records.

“I think I had a five-minute tutorial, and I got it. It was easy,” she said. “Records was what I had been looking for. And I liked what I was doing a hundred times more because I felt like I was a professional.”

It was that same ease of use that prompted leaders at St. Clair County School District in Alabama to replace their previous recordkeeping solution with Records, despite concern over implementing a new solution during the busy summer months.

“We were worried about the learning curve. We’re a small staff and anytime you change over a system, it requires time and effort in learning the product and doing the switch-over,” said Laura Nance, chief financial officer at the district. “It was through the Records presentations and seeing the step-by-step processes that we realized we could implement right away. It looked really user-friendly — like it wasn’t going to be that difficult of a transition.”

And if difficulties did arise, Laura knew support would be readily available. “PeopleAdmin makes a concerted effort to get back with customers within a day,” she said. “I also like the chat feature. I use that with another product and love that there’s somebody there that you can easily converse with.”

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