The true cost of inefficient talent management

‘Streamlining recordkeeping processes saved one district ‘$60,000 to $70,000 per year’

Despite ever-present budget restrictions, school and district leaders are investing in automated talent management solutions … and those investments are paying off.

“We have diminishing budgets all the time, and we have to work within them,” said Howard Kutcher, Ed.D., senior manager of human resources at Harford County Public Schools in Maryland. “The cost savings from automating talent management tasks have allowed us to find creative ways to work with what we’ve got.”

Howard and other K-12 leaders who use PeopleAdmin’s talent management solutions have seen a substantial return on investment (ROI). At Del Mar Union School District (DMUSD) in San Diego, California, for example, Records — PeopleAdmin’s automated recordkeeping solution — quickly delivered a measurable financial impact.

“I think Records saved me a person,” said Jason E. Romero, assistant superintendent of human resources at the district. “It really did streamline our processes, and that’s where I think the product itself is as valuable as an employee in my organization. With benefits and salary and everything associated with a starting clerk, we save $60,000 to $70,000 per year.”

Records also reduces the time staff members spend on recordkeeping processes, which allows them to focus their attention on tasks that have the greatest organizational impact.

Before implementing Records, ensuring that forms and checklists were compliant was tedious for DMUSD staff and administrators.

“There was hole-punching, stapling, labeling, binding and, eventually, actually filing the file,” Jason said. “It was a multistep process that was handled over several days as opposed to what we’re doing now, which is a completely seamless process.”

Kia Birdsong, human resources assistant at DMUSD, also felt the frustration of dependence on paper, noting how a copier jam frequently cost an hour of her day and contributed to job dissatisfaction. She was glad to replace those tasks with the intuitive workflows in Records.

But talent management technology can deliver benefits that extend well beyond recordkeeping efficiency … assuming you pick the right solution.

Before switching to Perform — PeopleAdmin’s automated performance management solution — Bernadette Gerace, director of human resources at Prosper Independent School District near Dallas, Texas, noted significant inefficiencies during the performance evaluation process.

“Our principals spent hours needlessly working with our system instead of communicating with teachers,” Bernadette said. “I was looking for a new solution that would allow our principals and teachers to really establish a connection. I found it in Perform.”

Beyond saving time and money, talent management solutions can also support student gains.

At Leadership Prep School in Frisco, Texas, leaders say they’re better empowering student achievement since implementing the Educators Professional Inventory (EPI)® — a tool that uses predictive analytics to determine teacher candidate effectiveness.

“We recently hired a fourth-grade teacher using the EPI and having been getting really positive feedback on her performance,” said Michelle Holland, principal at Leadership Prep. “The parents and students love her. She’s very engaging, involved and knowledgeable.”

To learn how K-12 talent management solutions can save your organization time and money while advancing your mission, take a look at our ROI calculator. Created based on third-party research organization Hobson & Company’s ROI study of PeopleAdmin solutions, the calculator measures your likely solution ROI based on the unique structure of your school or district.

Why K-12 Talent Management is Worth the Investment

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