Why partnership is the foundation of talent management solution effectiveness

‘Knowing that I have that additional support — that I can call and ask for help or get a better understanding of different features — has been very beneficial’

Russell County School District in Alabama knows that talent management solutions play an important role in attracting, managing and developing teachers and staff … but proper implementation, training and support are key to maximizing the solutions’ effectiveness.

“When you first purchase a solution, you think you can do everything alone, but when you see what it’s really capable of, it can quickly become overwhelming,” said Tammy Barnes, director of administrative services at the district.

To take full advantage of the vast capabilities her solutions offer, Tammy relies on a strong partnership with TalentEd.

For example, having recently purchased Records — TalentEd’s K-12 education-specific recordkeeping and process management solution — Tammy is currently experiencing how an appropriate implementation sets the stage for future success.

“Your imagination is the only limiting factor with Records because it’s designed to handle any kind of workflows you want to set up,” Tammy explained. “It’s been very helpful to have that one-on-one help from the implementation team to demonstrate what we need to do and help us understand the different steps required to get our documents pulled together correctly.”

With the TalentEd implementation team by her side, Tammy configured Records to meet the unique needs of her district.

“We really wanted to use Records to streamline our employment processes,” Tammy said. “For instance, when we had a new hire whose position was funded through Title I, the directors in charge of that funding weren’t always informed. But our implementation team helped us set up a conditional workflow — based on how positions are funded — that keeps them in the loop automatically.”

And because of her experience with Hire Enterprise — TalentEd’s applicant tracking solution — Tammy knows that she can continue to seek help from the TalentEd team long after go-live.

“I’ve participated in two solution trainings since implementation, and TalentEd provides several online videos and training sessions,” Tammy said. “That’s been very helpful.”

The solutions trainings proved particularly valuable when filling a Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) position.

“When we opened the JROTC position, we had 43 applicants, and as we looked through them, we realized there wasn’t a query for military experience,” Tammy explained. “Thanks to my training, I knew where to locate that information in the applications, and I was able to parse through them and quickly determine whether candidates met that requirement.”

Overall, Tammy believes her partnership with TalentEd allows Russell County to maximize the impact of both Records and Hire Enterprise.

“Knowing that I have that additional support — that I can reach out to call and ask for help or get a better understanding of different features — has been very beneficial,” she said.

Russell County School District

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